Cirque du Soleil Founder to Build Pyramids in Montreal Old Port


Come June 2019, there will be pyramids in the Old Port of Montreal. This is all thanks to Guy Laliberté, the founder of the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil and Lune Rouge, his company.

Its name: PY1. The venue is meant to be purely for entertainment purposes, according to the press release. It will feature state of the art technology, a multi sensory experience, and a playground completely unique for multimedia experiences.

PY1 is set to make its debut  in a show named, ” Through the Echoes,” in the Old Port’s Clock Tower grounds. The 60-minute show is produced exclusively for the pyramids.

There will be 360° projections, lasers, and more. It will excite all the senses with its lighting and atmospheric special effects. The show will feature a dreamlike spectacle ranging from our origins to our futures.

Guy Laliberté explains in this video…

From the Big Bang to today, through the echoes is a completely immersive experience where the audience plays a major role and takes center stage.

There are four possible configurations with respects to the pyramid venue. Designed specifically for the general public, it’s meant to hold up to 1000 people!

The pyramids in old Montreal will transform it into a nightclub after hours, housing both visual and sound effects that will feature renowned DJs.

Through the Echoes

When: June 2019
Where: Old Port in Montreal
Tickets: $29.75 (pre-sale), available online