Police Bust Illegal House Party By Using Technology | Video

Police standing on road

Amid the pandemic, some people still think it’s okay to gather in huge numbers and have a great time. This is happening even though COVID-19 has claimed about 800,000 lives worldwide.

Because it is illegal to hold huge gatherings, Police are using technology to fight back.

This particular party took place in a city in northwest England on August 15.

Police used heat-sensitive cameras as they flew over a neighborhood in the city of Gorton. Using the thermal imaging cameras, police captured the scope of the huge house party from above.

There were 200 people at this house party.

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The footage was released, showing crowds gathering in small spaces as if there is no pandemic. The UK has 41,483 COVID-19 deaths recorded.

See the video here…

Police responding to the call were “pelted with missiles.”

In Greater Manchester, where this event took place, no more than 30 people can gather at this time, according to their lockdown measures.

The party organizer was fined.