Place des Festivals Transforms into a Winter Wonderland

2017 Luminotherapie

Place des Festivals is in the spotlight again with Luminotherapie‘s 7th annual event.

2017 Luminotherapie

2017 is all about mechanical poetry – Loop’s 13 giant zoetropes.

Get ready, get set, interact! Activate a cylinder to create fairy-tale inspired images that come to life with a music box in the centre to accompany the enormous animated drawings.

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Each story will play out for several seconds to delight visitors of all ages. Just imagine the huffing and puffing wolf that blows down the 3 little pigs’ house coming to life!

13 zoetropes, all illuminated, all huge, and all set to music will light up Place des Festivals from December 8 to January 29 as they present a fairy-tale short animated loop that guests are invited to sit in and activate.

Where: Place des Festivals
When: December 8 to January 29
Admission: FREE