Pilot Leaving Montreal Reports UFO Sighting!

Quentin Kemmel

A British Airways flight leaving from Montreal headed to London reported a UFO sighting!

The pilot contacted the control tower on November 9, 2018 asking whether there any area military maneuvers happening because she saw something with a very bright light moving extremely fast.

The Shannon control tower responded negatively – there were no military maneuvers under way that morning at precisely 6:47 AM.

The pilot reported that the objecct approached the plane on her left side before taking off at an incredible speed, heading north!

No sooner was the British Airways pilot asking about the UFO than did a Virgin pilot break into the conversation also reporting “multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory.”

He saw two bright lights on his right side, which then sped off at an astronomical speed. The pilot’s words were “it was like Mach 2.” That means it was twice the speed of sound!

The Irish aviation authorities are investigating.