Did You Know There’s a Piece of the Berlin Wall in Montreal?


A piece of history has travelled across the Atlantic to find a home in Montreal. Most Montrealers don’t know this but a piece of the Berlin Wall sits in the Fortifications Lane, or Ruelle des Fortifications in the World Trade Centre of Montreal.

In the 1700s, Montreal was undergoing a huge change. A stone wall was being installed to replace the wooden stockade that served as protection to the city since 1685.

As the city continued to grow, the fortification caused limitations, and therefore led to the demolition of the walls, which happened by 1812.

However, a section of the ruelle des Fortifications still remains. And, when the World Trade Centre of Montreal was built in 1992, it was preserved. It sits enclosed in a vast atrium, as it is covered with a glass ceiling.

So What about the Berlin Wall in Montreal?

At the Old Port of Montreal, in 1991, a package arrived from Berlin. It was a gift from Germany to the city of Montreal, for its 350th anniversary, which was in 1992.

The gift Montreal received from Berlin weighs 2 1/2 tons! It stands just over 3 1/2 meters in height and 1.2 m wide.


Montreal museums didn’t this piece of history, but it had to be placed indoors to preserve it, along with its graffiti. As such, it was placed in the World Trade Centre of Montréal, under the glass ceiling.

That means you can pay a visit to one of the most historical Montreal attractions when you head downtown. Take the metro and get off at Square-Victoria. There are several entrances that will lead you to the Berlin Wall display, including 747 rue Square-Victoria or 393 rue Saint-Jacques, among others.

A Little History on the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was taken down on November 9, 1989. It was a historical day that remains burnt in the memory of all who watched the event as US President Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!” in West Berlin on June 12, 1987 to open up the barrier that divided West and East Berlin since 1961.