Pet Bird Dangers – Be Diligent Before Letting Your Bird Out

pet bird dangers

One of the joys of having a pet bird are interacting with it outside its cage, but there are many pet bird dangers at home. Some things that we take for granted might actually kill a bird or at least injure it.

Toilets, tubs, sinks, and even pans filled with water that attract your pet bird might actually cause it to drown. So, if you’re going to take your pet bird out of its cage, make sure you put the toilet lid down, drain the sink, and empty pans beforehand.

Ceiling fans are a real danger to pet birds. They’re so common that we may forget that they are on, but if your bird flies into it, it can kill your feathery friend. As such, it is imperative to ensure that your ceiling fan is off before he’s out of his cage.

Electrical cords can also be extremely dangerous to birds. As they use their beaks to play and explore, they can chew on cords which could electrocute them. So, pay close attention to them and never leave pet birds unattended when they are out and about.

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Pet Bird Dangers at Home Include Scented Products

Never use aerosol sprays around your bird. The fumes they may inhale are extremely dangerous. So, if spraying the room is necessary, make sure your bird is out of the room and only returned when it has been ventilated. Many birds have become ill or even died when they were exposed to aerosol sprays, hair sprays, scented candles, and even perfumes.

Nonstick coated pans might be everything you ever wanted in the kitchen, but they are extremely dangerous to birds. The fumes of a moderately nonstick coated pan are toxic to birds. Be sure that when you’re cooking, in an effort to prevent fumes from getting to your bird, keep the kitchen well ventilated.

So, before you ever take your bird out of its cage, be sure you take a good look around and see where it can get itself into trouble.

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