Vanity Licence Plates Come to Quebec – Personalized Quebec Licence Plates are Here!

personalized Quebec licence plates

Drivers of all ages in Quebec have, for years, been jealous of other provinces and US states that allowed them the right to vanity licence plates – but no more! Very soon, Quebec drivers will have the right to order personalized Quebec licence plates.

Transport Minister Andre Fortin revealed this exciting news at Quebec City conference.

The personalized Quebec plates have to be between 2 and 7 characters, with a combination of numbers and letters. But, they have to be respectful.

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Cost of Personalized Quebec Licence Plates

The personalized Quebec vanity plates will sell for $250, with an annual renewal fee of $34.50.

The option that is finally provided to Quebec drivers suggests that 40 percent of drivers love the idea of vanity plates.

The contents of the plate will be verified by the insurance board. Once approved, they’ll arrive to their rightful owners within 3 to 6 weeks, by mail.


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