The Plateau has started to see gentrification causing single graduates, immigrants, and students to abandon the rising rents and move farther north toward St-Laurent Blvd. and St-Denis. Outremont, the chic Montreal neighborhood, sits next to Mount Royal Park,  (Parc du Mont-Royal in French) and is known for being a Francophone sector.

It is quite the opposite in comparison to Westmount, which is extremely English – even in its architecture.

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Outremont has beautiful, large homes on streets with lined with trees and has plenty of parks. It’s got lots of strips for eating and shopping along Laurier Avenue and Bernard Street. The shopping strip on Bernard is lovely, with plenty of shade from trees and spacious sidewalks.

Montreal’s Hasidic community can be found living in the eastern part of Outremont.

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If you love people watching, you’ll definitely want to take some time to explore Bernard, west of Querbes. The chic area is pretty, with its wide and shaded sidewalks that make it a great place for enjoying outdoor coffee and food.