oTENTik Chalet-Style Camping Tents Now at Lachine Canal

Credit Parks Canada

Camping in style in the heart of Montreal is now a reality. Dreaming of camping by the water but without traveling? Your dream has come true.

oTENTik set up their chalet-style tents on the Lachine Canal!

So now you can camp in style. Each “tent” is fully loaded with comfort. There’s a double mattress and up to 4 twin mattresses, cooking equipment, storage, a BBQ and more!

Since it’s still camping, don’t expect running water or electricity in the units, but bathrooms, showers, etc, are in a common area.

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As the Lachine Canal is right in Montreal, you can get on your camping trip by using public transportation! You won’t need to bring too much either because the chalets are well-equipped.

Take a mini-vacation right at the Clipper Ship Supply Building, where the land is isolated and secluded.

Reserve now online and stay in the urban tents on the Lachine Canal.

oTENTik Urban Tents

When: Now thru September 15, 2019
Where: Lachine Canal
Price: $120 per night

For more detailed information, click the link to their website.

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