Oprah’s 2018 FAVORITE THINGS List Includes Canadian Pudus Socks Company


The more the world becomes a smaller place, the more Canadians are making a huge impact on it. It just goes to show that we’ve got so much talent across the country to the point that Oprah’s 2018 FAVORITE THINGS list includes the Canadian Pudus Lifestyle Sock Company!

You know that when Oprah speaks, people listen, and more particularly, consumers listen. That means that the BC-based Pudus Lifestyle Co. just struck gold, for the second time! Good for them.

This is in fact the second time Oprah named the sock company on her list of Favorite Things. They’re also named for very good reasons – Pudus offers ultra-soft slipper socks that hug your feet and keep them warm no matter how cold it is.


Pudus is more than just slipper socks. You can choose from their children’s line, as well as their fun hats and mittens. But if you really want what Oprah loves, then look for Pudus Lumberjack Boot Socks.

They’ll make a great gift for the holidays, and all year long. Who doesn’t want something Oprah recommends!

Either check out the company website or go on Oprah’s Favorite Things.