Online Shopping Investigation Found Over Half The Purchases Were Fakes


According to CBC, it’s important to carefully consider shopping online.

From Amazon to eBay, Walmart, Ali Express, and Wish, a panel of counterfeit experts and found more than half the items were suspected to be fake.

Sure, it’s convenient to shop online, and sometimes, less expensive than shopping at traditional stores. But, can you always trust what you by online?

According to a Marketplace investigation, even when a seller and the platform seem legitimate, it’s not always the case.

There was a test conducted by Marketplace involving dozens of purchases of popular products, from cosmetics to electronics, all purchased from the above online platforms.

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While every product listing seemed like the real thing, even with prices similar to those in retail stores, many of the products were actually confirmed counterfeits or suspected of being fakes.

Knockoffs, which are a huge industry, with profits possibly funding organized crime with a lot of funding going toward terrorism, were found on every single platform.

Health and beauty products like MAC cosmetics and even Crest Whitestrips, among others tested positive for containing alarming levels of heavy metals!

Two of the products that far exceeded Health Canada’s standards for cosmetics included:

Mac Lustre Lipstick in Lady Danger shade was confirmed to be counterfeit by its parent company, Estee Lauder. It contained 751 times the amount of the lead considered acceptable by Health Canada!

In other words, it is extremely unhealthy to use it, especially since it’s going to be applied onto the lips and easily ingested.

The second was a Kylie Jenner lip kit, also containing double the amount of mercury that Health Canada considers dangerous, since mercury is a neurotoxin, like lead, affecting the nervous system especially in children but also pregnant women.

Though unconfirmed by Kylie Jenner’s company, industry experts noticed her name and the word “cosmetics” incorrectly spelled on the packaging, which almost confirms that it’s a fake.

The counterfeit goods don’t stop at makeup and cosmetics. Instead, they branch out to every type of product you can imagine, from medications to baby seats, electronics, airbags, and toys. Often, these can be dangerous and can even cause death in some cases.

Marketplace even unknowingly purchased counterfeit Apple, Lego, and Adidas products, as confirmed by the companies.

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