Ogilvy’s Magical Christmas Window Display Moved!

ogilvy's christmas window

For decades, we have relied on one downtown Montreal store to give us a piece of Christmas, but that is a thing of the past – like skating on Beaver Lake.

The magical go-to Ogilvy’s Christmas window display is history. It’s sad but thankfully, not over. They’ve been moved and we’ve got the information.

One will now be available for viewing at the McCord Museum from November 13 to January 6, 2019 on the second floor.

Another will be on display on Sherbrooke Street.

December has always been the month that stores competed for the greatest shopping event of the year – the holiday season. And, Ogilvy’s in the heart of downtown Montreal, was home to the most beautiful mechanical Christmas display since 1947!

Crowds from all over gathered around the holiday window display to watch the magical figures and the fairytale landscapes that were the essence of Christmas. Especially since the Santa Claus parade passed by the display every year.

It’s unfortunate that Ogilvy’s is not upholding the tradition of the Christmas window display, but we still get to see them.

The Mill in the Forest Christmas” display is FREE for viewing right on Sherbrooke St. The second display, “The Enchanted Village,” is at the McCord Museum and requires admission fees to view.