It’s official – it’s the fall season and that brings us closer to the hallowed night. So, that means  scary movies, parties, and the amazing Halloween events that scare us to death, like The Night Of Horror just outside of Montreal.

Halloween’s The Night of Horror takes place in Drummondville – a drive (not too far away from Montreal) and soooo worth it – if you’re into that sort of stuff.

The event happens on two dates only – September 29 or October 12. Can you hold up in 12 hours of terror? Choose your package according to how brave you are.

This is a taste of what’s to come at the Halloween event – beginning with being chased down and attacked. There’s a chance at even getting buried alive! How freaky is that!

The cursed village – Notre-Dame-des-Six-Pains is the setting. The vengeful priest surfaces after sunset. It’s not a place for kids, obviously.

So, you choose how much you want to suffer, as there will be some minor psychological and physical abuse in this Halloween Night of Horror.

Click the link for more information and to buy tickets: