New Canadian $10 Bill is Completely Different – See How!


There is new money coming to Canada and it’s different! The new Canadian $10 bill is going to be vertical. For as long as Canada’s been a country, we’ve never seen this before!

And the Canadian $10 vertical bill allows for a prominent image. It will feature a portrait of a WOMAN, Viola Desmond. Desmond was a civil rights pioneer and businesswoman.

The vertical banknote will go into circulation on Monday, November 19 according to the Bank of Canada.

Who is Viola Desmond?

Viola Desmond was thrown out of a whites-only section of a New Glasgow, Nova Scotia’s movie theater a little over 72 years ago and was jailed for defiantly refusing to leave the theater in 1946.

According to the Bank of Canada website:

Her court case was an inspiration for the pursuit of racial equality across Canada. Viola’s story is part of the permanent collection at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The new Canadian $10 bill also features a map of one of the oldest black communities in Canada – the north end of Halifax. This is where Desmond opened her first salon – Viola’s Studio of Beauty Culture.

Other important features on the new $10 Canadian bill:

Bank of Canada
  • The Canadian Flag
  • The Canadian Coat of Arms and motto “from sea to sea”
  • The Record of Democracy
  • The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg
  • An Eagle Feather representing First Nations peoples
  • The Constitution of Canada featuring The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Keep your eyes open on Monday so you can get your hands on the new Canadian $10 bill. Save a fresh one because this is history being made.