Netflix in Quebec Might End with Quebec Solidaire Demands

quebec solidaire netflix

Netflix may be in danger in Quebec thanks to Quebec Solidaire.

The party’s controversial MNA, Catherine Dorion, who represents the Taschereau riding has proposed a quota of a particular percentage with regards to the shows and movies Netflix offers on the streaming site.

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Currently, in all of Quebec households, approximately 40% of them subscribe to the streaming service.

That means that 40% of households are watching mostly American or other English programing. Obviously, this is something that Quebec politicians don’t want. Could you imagine what would happen if the French learned English? What an outrage!

The truth is that less than 1% of the TV series and movies on Netflix are made in Quebec. It would be nice for there to be more because there is quality in Quebec’s film industry, like Bon Cop Bad Cop. And, it would create more jobs and help the province’s economy.

But, to impose this quota on a giant corporation like Netflix may end up causing the streaming service to leave Quebec!

The CRTC has imposed quotas like these in TV and radio but hasn’t touched online platforms.

Dorion claims that their platform threatens Quebec culture significantly. She also pointed out that Netflix does has a quota imposed on them by the EU so that at least 30% of the content streaming is made in their region.

The Quebec Solidaire MNA also argued that the federal government, accepted a $500 million pledge investment content made in Canada, rather than taxing the company. But, Quebec decided to tax Netflix, and it does.

We don’t know how all this will affect the future of Netflix in Quebec. But, as a giant in the industry, too many demands on them may lead Netflix to leave. That would definitely upset the Anglo and Allophone population, but also many Francophones who enjoy the service.

Here’s a snippet of what Catherine Dorion said referring to the CAQ:

in immigration, they want to protect our culture and our French language, but how do we protect our language if all the young people are watching are English series on Netflix?

What do you think about all this? How would you feel if your Netflix was taken away?