Mom’s AtlanTick Natural Tick Repellent Could Be Health Canada Approved!

AtlanTick Natural Tick Repellent

A concerned mother created an all-natural tick repellent that could be approved by Health Canada soon! Her product, AtlanTick is being tested currently.

Canadian mom, Lisa Ali, has piqued the interest of many real scientists to the point that they’re testing her all-natural product. As you know, ticks are becoming a huge concern in Canada and the United States, especially with Lyme Disease.

Testing AtlanTick Natural Tick Repellent

The first round of tests conducted by scientists at Acadia University look promising.

Both her sons developed Lyme Disease on the South Shore in 2016. Being a terrifying disease, this obviously drove their concerned mom to find a formula to protect people against this sometimes fatal infection.

What is Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease can be fatal because of the infection that develops after the infected blacklegged tick bite. It depends on which way it infects the body. For example, if it leads to carditis (an infection of the heart), it can kill you!

And, ticks are so small, you just can’t see them. Using DEET can help, but it’s a strong chemical that isn’t always best to use on young kids, especially on a daily basis.

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So, Lisa Ali made her own, natural tick repellent. She made a solution that included water, jojoba oil, witch hazel, and some other essential oils.

Then it was tested by Nicoletta Faraone who’s a scientist in the department of biology at Acadia University. She got a grant to create a habitat for ticks.

That’s where AtlanTick was tested – on a dish with three circles. If the ticks left that inner circle, it signified that the natural repellent didn’t work.

But, the ticks returned to the inner circle as soon as they neared the repellent!

It actually repelled up to 80% of the ticks they tested. WOW!!!

It should be noted that ticks are 100% repelled by DEET.

How satisfying to see that there is a potential natural repellent that works.

There testing is still ongoing, but we may be able to get Ali’s product on shelves soon. At this point, it’s the green light from Health Canada that we’re all waiting for.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease are similar to those of the flu. So, that means chills, fever, fatigue, headache, aches in muscles and joints and sometimes a rash.

If a bull’s eye rash develops, seek medical help immediately. This is the most obvious symptom of Lyme Disease.

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