Movie Theatre Subscription Company Makes Going to the Movies a Whole Lot Cheaper


Call it a Netflix for movies. Monthly movie theatre subscriptions are finally coming to Canada! It may mean great deals for Canadians, but what happens to the conventional cinemas? Will they survive?

Canada is in store for a cheaper movie experience, as the Turkish company Sinemia has launched in Canada. Sinemia lets movie-goers see two movies per month for just $10.99. If you decide to join your monthly membership will include tickets for any movie at any participating theater and you will be able to buy your tickets in advance.

With the Sinemia monthly membership you can see THREE movies for LESS than ONE!

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Sinemia offers a collection of monthly plans ranging from $9.99 to $15.99. The largest competitor for Sinemia is MoviePass, a company that is only in the US.

Sinemia operates in the Uk, Turkey, Austrialia, the US, and now Canada!

See where you can use your Sinemia subscription by checking out the company’s site.