Montreal’s Ticklish Ugly Christmas Tree Surfaces in 2018


A few years ago, Montreal’s Christmas tree was supposed to be big and awesome. Maybe not as big as New York’s Rockefeller Tree, but big and beautiful.

But, instead we got the ugly Christmas tree that made headlines around the world. People everywhere laughed and poked fun at us, so what did we do?

We kept going with it, so now Montreal is known for its exceptionally Ugly Christmas Tree and it has become a tradition. And, if that’s not enough, we took it to a whole new level. There’s something new added – it actually laughs back at us! Now we call it the TICKLISH Ugly Christmas Tree!

Watch the 2018 Montreal Ticklish Ugly Christmas Tree

Via CTV News

There are motion sensors on the tree, so when you tickle it, it laughs!

The moral of the story, I guess, is to learn how to laugh at yourself.

You can see it live for yourself on Prince Arthur St. and St-Laurent Blvd.