Montreal’s Transport Companies Transit and Teo Electric Taxis Partner Up


The new partnership between Transit and Teo electric taxis will allow users of Montreal’s most popular transit app, Transit, to sign up for and catch rides from a more environmentally-friendly alternative. By joining forces, the transit companies give hundreds of thousands of Montrealers using Transit another daily commute option.

Transit is an app that was made in Montreal and is officially endorsed by the STM.

It currently works in more than 175 cities worldwide and helps people make millions of trips each month using public transit sytems, carshares, bikeshare, ridehail, and more. The Montreal-made electric taxi company Teo has contributed to almost 15 million kilometers of carbon-free trips since it was created.

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Transit is useful because it allows you to see all your commute options in one spot to help you decide which decisions to make as you travel.

What does this mean for Montreal Commuters?

Transit users can locate the nearest BIXI station, buy a pass, and unlock a bike. They can also plan and track bus and Metro trips, find and book carshares from Auto-mobile and car2go, and now use Teo as well.

By adding Teo, Transit facilitates users’ ability to sign up, request rides, track progress, and pay drivers within the app. Users will even be able to use the Transit app to choose different Teo models like Tesla’s Model S when they go to or from the airport.

You can download Transit for iPhone and Android here: Transit  

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