FREE Montreal Ukrainian Festival Coming in September


It’s been 18 years since the Montreal Ukranian festival showed us all about the Ukranian culture and heritage. So now, for its 18th edition, the festival is back for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your background. (Photo: Festival Ukrainien de Montréal/ Facebook)

Ukranian-Canadians have contributed so much to our society, and once again, we have the opportunity to better understand their traditions – from food to crafts and everything in between from the Montreal Ukranian festival.

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Eighteen years ago, it was but a one-day event, but today, it has grown into a three-day celebration that spans North America!

From just 600 spectators, there are now more than 18,000 who stop by to get their fix.

The festival also features dancing and music, along with an authentic Korchma beer garden and food. Plus, there’s an art market, a fashion show, and a film screening.

Bring the kids, too! There will be bouncy castles and face painting.

2018 Montreal Ukrainian Festival

When: September 7, 8, & 9 (Check their website for times)
Where: Parc Beaubien – Corners Beaubien St. E. and 9th Avenue (9e avenue)
Price: Free

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