Montreal Tours – Little Italy in Montreal From Sights to Delicious Food


Of all the Italian communities in Canada, Montreal’s is one of the largest.  Its influence is especially obvious in the green, Little Italy. Just like the homeland, the food in Little Italy restaurants is a main attraction. Food lovers visit the neighborhood to enjoy the many pizzerias, old-fashioned delis, and visit the Jean Talon Market.

Montreal Tours of the Hip Little Italy Neighborhood

Little Italy is considered one of Montreal’s hippest and most popular neighborhoods and will be of special interest to anyone with a passion for food.

The largest and most impressive food market in Montreal, Jean Talon Market, is a definite food tour stop. Visitors can talk to vendors, engage in tastings of farm-fresh foods, and explore the surrounding pubs and coffee shops.

If you like to cycle, you can explore Little Italy and surrounding areas like Mile-Ex and Mile End on a Montreal bike tour during the summer and fall.

What to Keep in Mind on a Montreal Bike Tour

There’s no need to worry about what path you will follow, as Little Italy and the rest of Montreal has an extensive and reliable bike path network full of beautiful sights.

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It’s best to take your ride on an empty stomach and fill yourself up with samples in Little Italy!

When You Should Take a Montreal Tour of Little Italy

The best time to visit Montreal’s Little Italy is during the summer when you will find a lively collection of cafes and restaurants set up with outdoor sitting areas.

You will walk around the area and see the parks filled with picnickers and the streets lined with quaint stalls and buskers. If you want to get into the Italian mood, visit during the week or on weekend mornings to drink a coffee and chat with locals in Italian.

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The History of the Italian Community in Montreal

Italians have been in Canada since the 17th century. But Little Italy in Montreal became closer to what it is today at the beginning of the 20th century, and with another wave of Italian immigrants after World War II.

Many Italians have made their way to the suburbs now. But Little Italy is still the heart of Montreal’s Italian culture. This is the area where you will find the significant Church of the Madonna della Difesa, which hosts the popular annual Italian Week festival each August.

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