Visit the Red Light District with Secret Montreal Tour Guides


Montreal has always been a vibrant city that has been known for its exciting nightlife and even for its promiscuity. Years ago, way before the Quartier des Spectacles, the area was one of the most notorious city in the continent!

The tour guide, a professional actor, guides visitors to the darker side of Montreal – the Red Light District.

When you visit (or live in) a city, it’s good to know every side of it. A regular tour guide can help you discover interesting attractions and such.

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But, Secret Montreal is a tour company that takes you on a tour of the urban area of Montreal where a prostitutes, sex shops, and strip clubs were a common sight.

Choose from the Montreal Burlesque or the Haunted Red Light District Ghost Walk to see the other side of the city, one that you may have never known.

Secret Montreal’s season begins on June 7 this year and runs through November. But, reservations are required.

Click the link to their Facebook page for more information.

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