Montreal sex education

The Quebec government launched its province-wide, including Montreal sex education pilot project in 2017. However, it is still failing to properly fill gaps in education about contemporary youth experience.

What’s Wrong with the Sex Education Program in Montreal Schools?

Educators are not properly trained or prepared. They can’t transition from 12 years without complete sex education to a thorough curriculum which aims to answer youth questions. The government program fails to provide a comprehensive and intersectional approach, bypassing the LGBTQ2IA+ gender and sexuality experiences.

Since this type of conversation can feel awkward for students when facilitated by their familiar teachers, the Head & Hands Sense Project suggests bringing in trained external youth education facilitators.

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Not only does this help foster an open forum, but provide special benefit to trans and queer youth who may be able to identify with volunteers who have shared experiences and come from the same communities.

The Sense Project uses volunteers aged 18-25 to connect with youth and provide effective sex education in a non-judgmental way.

The Sense Project provided 57 workshops to 929 youth across the Greater Montreal Area in 2017. They included topics like sexual health, online consent, and trans experiences.

The SERVE Beach Volleyball Tournament is an annual event to raise money for the Sense Project to support intervention-based sex education. This year’s event will include endless beer, a dunk tank, a Mr. Pong performance, and 9 hours of volleyball.

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