Montreal has a record 40 road construction sites running at the moment, causing traffic much worse than usual at all times, especially rush hour.

On the first full day back to school and work after the summer, traffic is already chaotic. When you throw in a reconfiguration around the Turcot interchange, things just get messier.

Here are areas under construction that are better to avoid if possible:

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  • Two construction sites on Robert Bourassa Boulevard.
  • Construction on the Bonaventure Bridge across from Lachine Canal.
  • Sewer repairs between St-Jacques and Belmont. Some work to be completed by October, but bridge work to continue for another year.
  • Construction on all of the Turcot Interchange. The Decarie Expressway enforcing lane reductions. Overpass repairs on Highway 40 near Highway 13 in both directions.

If you can, it may be wise to use public transport to reach your destinations for a while. Hopefully, officials will work hard to improve communication as there are too many construction sites combined with too many single occupant vehicles.

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