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Montreal ranks best city in North America for millennials to live. If you’re a millennial, then you might want to know that Montreal is one of THE best cities in the world to live in. 

Montreal Ranks Best City in North America for Millennials

In fact, Montreal is the second-best city in the world to live in for millennials, according to relocation company Nestpick. The company looked at 110 cities around the world and identified the most millennial-friendly of the bunch with a scoring system based on 17 key factors.

The four major factors examined by the report are employment opportunities, affordability to enjoy a good life, tolerance and open-mindedness, and fun (and most Montrealers already know how much fun Montreal really is).

Each of the 17 factors fell into one of these categories and was ranked out of 10. Montreal scored especially high in immigration tolerance, personal freedom of choice and LGBTQ categories.

Montreal was only second to Berlin, Germany.

Montreal scored high marks for startup, access to contraception, nightlife, immigration tolerance, LGBTQ friendly, personal freedom of choice, and gender equality, but didn’t rate high with transportation.

Toronto and Vancouver made it into the top 10 best cities for millennials to live in, as did New York, the only other North American city to make the list. All others on the list are in Europe.