Quebec Cannabis Society Reveals Location of First Montreal Pot Stores

Montreal pot stores

Get ready because the first Montreal pot stores will be opening in the borough of Rosemont-Petite Patrie.
The Société Québecoise du Cannabis confirmed the first store’s location and announced its plan for continued regional development with four stores to be opened in Montreal in October. There’s potential for the total to reach 6 stores by the end of the year!

The exact location of Rosemont’s weed shop has not yet been revealed, but it will become part of the four leases signed for shops in Trois-Rivieres, Drummondville, Levis, and Quebec City. All shops are currently looking to hire employees.

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To make sure that all of Quebec is catered to, online sales will be offered right away with the legalization of cannabis.

The SQDC explained that all stores will be located in areas directly on streets and easily accessible to shoppers. There are some restrictions, as bylaws dictate that pot shops remain at least 250 meters from Quebec schools and 150 meters from Montreal island schools.

The other pot shops to come to Montreal will take up residence in the southwest, downtown district, and East End.
The company’s plan is to open 20 total cannabis shops in the province, adding more by 2020.

Each shop will sell bulk cannabis in addition to ready joints. The countdown to October begins!

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