Montreal Plastic Bag Ban Takes Complete Effect By End of 2020

plastic bag ban Montreal

No exceptions as Mayor Plante announces a complete plastic bag ban in Montreal by the end of this year.

For anyone who shops at IGA grocery stores, that has already happened. IGA no longer gives out plastic bags and instead charges 10 cents per paper bag (without handles).

The difference here is that this ban on plastic bags in Montreal will affect ALL retail stores to make the city cleaner and greener.

Mayor Plante and her party have decided to take action now because, in essence, we can’t afford to wait 1,000 years for these important decisions to be made as we are in a global plastic crisis.

Ironically, plastic bags were invented in 1959 by Sten Gustaf Thulin who wanted to save the planet by saving the trees needed to make paper bags.

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While there are many great reasons to ban plastic bags, there are people who argue that the reusable bags aren’t as good as they’re touted to be.

For instance, reusable bags are made from recycled material, which is a good thing. But, that also means that the reusable bags are not recyclable.

plastic bag ban montreal

For the reusable bag to actually offset the amount of energy it takes to manufacture it, it would have to be used 100 times, according to some studies.

And, reusable bags must be properly sanitized after EACH USE because they can harbor dangerous bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, and more.

The problem with all the recycling solutions is that there is an impact on the environment. Cotton bags need to be used thousands of times so that the meet the environmental performance of plastic bags.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency found that cotton totes and even paper bags were more detrimental than single-use plastic bags, with regards to how they’re manufactured.

Consider the oil and petroleum used to make reusable bags. The way they’re manufactured has a huge environmental impact as well, affecting the ozone layer, air pollution, toxicity and climate change.

Plastic bags are bad, that’s for sure. But, are the solutions that much better?

Your thoughts?

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