Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Montreal’s Orange Julep


The Orange Julep, a Montreal landmark located on the Decarie’s west side. You can’t miss it even if you want to, so it’s great at getting your attention. But what’s the Orange Julep all about?

The oddly shaped building is big and round, just like a giant orange. It’s been there in the same location for over 45 years. With its kitchen and service counter, you know right off the bat that it’s a restaurant.

Actually, this family-owned establishment is a fast-food restaurant that likely served way more clients in the days that the Blue Bonnets horse race track (later known as the Hippodrome de Montréal) was operational, until 2009.

Regardless, this fast-food joint is still holding its own.

Besides the Building, What Makes the Orange Julep Special

It’s fast food and it’s really good fast food. But, what makes the Orange Julep so special is its unique and secret Orange Julep drink.

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They also make a mean poutine, not to mention french fries and tasty, toasted hot dogs.

Years ago, the Orange Julep was known for its American diner experience where waitresses on roller skates served the clientele. But, that’s a thing of the past and probably not why you think.

Actually, the waitresses had to wear helmets and knee pads according to the CSST – a provincial government branch catering to employee health and safety. So, gone were the roller skating waitresses in 2005.

What Else about the Orange Julep

While we all know what’s happening on the main level, we wonder about the rest of the restaurant. There’s a lot of space overhead that’s still a mystery.

For starters, there’s no dining inside the restaurant. The only place to eat is either in your car or at the green picnic tables in the parking lot.

The restaurant is still owned by the Gibeau family.

So, what’s upstairs? There is actually a second floor dedicated to the staff. That’s where the employee lockers are, in addition to an office.

But, there’s even a third floor. This floor is just for storage and the basement is where the fresh juice is stored.

And there you have it. A Montreal landmark building and restaurant that really needs no introduction. Even its sign is relatively modest because its architecture is eye-catching enough!

By the way, there really is a building beneath the orange fiberglass exterior.

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