Montreal Offering Free Parking During Snow Removal!


Winter in Montreal can mean heavy snowfall and hours spent clearing your drive and sidewalk, not to mention those icy and slippery conditions.

The city can’t do anything about the weather, but they can at least offer free parking during snow removal, meaning no more having to brave the elements to keep moving your car from one side of your street to the other.

Starting at 9 PM there will be no charge for Montreal residents to park their car in specially designated areas all over the city, even during a period in which snow removal is taking place.

By 7 AM the next morning, you will need to have removed your car from that space.

Over 2,100 free parking spaces will be available to city residents, in various boroughs throughout the city of Montreal. It’s hoped that in the event of snow, this policy will help to make the lives of residents a little easier.