Montreal Metro Blue Line Extension – What Does it Mean For You?


A project which will result in the expansion of the Montreal Metro Blue Line was announced by Quebec’s Premier Philippe Couillard in St. Leonard on Monday, in the company of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante. It makes sense that all three levels of government were there for the announcement because each is to invest in the long-awaited project.

What’s Expected with the Blue Line Extension

The large project is going to add an extension of 5.8 kilometres east of St. Leonard, adding five new stations, a park-and-ride, pedestrian tunnel, and two transit terminals.

The new stations will be on:

  • Jean Talon St. along Pie IX Blvd.,
  • Viau St.,
  • Lacordaire Blvd.,
  • Langelier Blvd., and
  • Galéries d’Anjou.

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The project is expected to cost about $3.9 billion, with construction beginning in 2020 and scheduled to finish by 2026. Mayor Valerie Plante said there will be an additional 300 buses until the project is finished.

At the moment, only one STM bus serves the area – one that is of the busiest in all of Montreal. The newly extended Blue Line will take thousands of cars off Montreal roads, as experts estimate that about 25,000 people will ride the Metro in the weekday rush hours.

All those people on efficient public transport means less traffic tie ups, for one thing. For another, it could also bring more business to the areas.