You can’t go wrong with pizza. EVER! Whether you’re looking for meat-free options or want a pizza fit for a meat lover, there are options. Lots of options. That’s why La Pizza Week is a great event. 

Pizza is available in vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free options and more. Not to mention all your toppings choices!

It makes sense that pizza is a choice most people can agree on. There’s something tasty for everyone.

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Montreal respects and appreciates the versatility of pizza. The 2nd annual La Pizza Week is approaching and it’s time to try some new pizza combinations.

Over 50 of the best Montreal pizza restaurants will compete in the event.

The pizza competition will be held from October 1 to 7. Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec City, will be participating and trying to win best pizza in eight different categories.

The choices are up to you. You can cast your vote on the competition website.

The 8 categories are:

  1. Most Original Pizza
  2. Pizza Al Taglio (or By the Slice)
  3. Thin Crust Pizza
  4. Margherita
  5. Gluten-Free Pizza
  6. Vegan Pizza
  7. Dessert Pizza
  8. Calzone

Prepare your mouth and stomach for this competition as the participating restaurants are confirmed. To learn more about La Pizza Week, check out their website.

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