Montreal Insectarium – Museum Dedicated to Insects from All Over


For more than a quarter century, the Montreal Insectarium has been home to insects from around the world, on display for all of us to observe. From fascinating butterflies to the most undesirable creepy crawlers, this museum is a must-see for kids and adults of all ages.

The Insectarium in Montreal includes permanent exhibits to showcase bugs in their “habitat.” Check out the video below showing a colony of ants hard at work and more.

One of the greatest attractions at the Montreal insect museum is the “Butterflies Go Free” exhibition. The butterflies are at the Main Exhibition Greenhouse. There are literally thousands of them fluttering about in the open space, landing on your shoulders, on your head, etc.

These creatures are crucial to our ecosystems, so visiting the Montreal Insectarium teaches all of us, young and old just how important they are. Plus, it’s a fun activity for kids that are able to observe the critters in an interactive setting.

Montreal Insectarium

Where: 4581 Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal, H1X 2B2

When:  Tues – Sun from 9 AM – 5 PM

Admission: Varying costs, pls check website.

Parking: Fees apply