Montreal IglooFest 2020 Winter Electronic Music Festival Lineup

Montreal Igloofest 2020

Four weekends of fun coming with the Montreal Igloofest 2020 winter electronic music festival. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but we do things differently in Montreal. A little cold isn’t going to stop us from having fun.

Just put on your puffy jacket (maybe even snow pants? depending on the weather), and let the body heat from the crowd around you warm you up.

It all starts in January and here’s a sample of the lineup.

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Old Montreal IglooFest 2020 Electronic Music Festival

  • The Blaze
  • Lauer
  • Silktits
  • Kizi Garden X RA+RE
  • Waner
  • Charlotte
  • Roh
  • Adrian Voglen
  • Aunjabeats
  • Saisons
  • Kora
  • Wuachuma
  • Gab Rhome
  • Omar Hamdi
  • Octob
  • Jack George
  • Turning Point
  • Chaos in the CBD
  • Matador

So, make sure you dress warmly and enjoy some of the free alcohol samples and dance. And then you can tell everyone you know that, in Montreal, the weather is just that and it never stops us from doing anything we really want to do.

For the entire Montreal Igloofest 2020 electronic music festival lineup, click the link to their website.

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