Montreal Has the First AI Robot Construction Dog In The World Working Right Now!


Its name is Spot, and it’s working at the Place Ville-Marie construction site.

Pomerleau is the Canadian company who “hired” Spot. The 70-lbs AI robot dog is fully automated and battery operated and stands just under 3 feet in height.

Spot’s job is to walk around the construction site with a camera attached to its back. This way, the construction crew can observe the site using a remote connection to help track the project.

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Armed with this all-important information provided by Spot, the project can progress while every aspect is being tracked to ensure success.

Spot moves in any direction, and like many “dogs” is pretty agile and able to change directions, even though it can only move up to 3 km/h. It also knows how to avoid any obstacles, but it can also get right back up if it falls and it can carry up to 30 lbs.

Let’s see how Spot does. Right now, it will be employed for a six-month period to see how it performs in the construction industry.

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