Montréal en Lumière Winter Festival 2019 & Nuit Blanche Light Up the City

nuit a blanche

The winter wonderland is about to be lit up! With many free activities, awesome decorations and great food, the Montréal en Lumière Winter Festival 2019 is gearing up to start.

The festival is full of winter activities for all ages to help us all appreciate all the snow and cold weather.

Sure, we were buried under a ton of snow, and we’re about to get some more, but let’s put it to good use!

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Enter, the annual Montréal en Lumière Winter Festival starting tomorrow, February 21 through March 3, 2019.

Let’s celebrate winter with fun outdoor activities, free performances, open air bars, great art and shows, tech exhibitions and so much more!

It’s THE event of the season.

With more than 150 kilometers of lights, the festival turns Montreal into an enchanted and magical place that simply can’t be missed.

If you’ve never been to the festival before, make sure to get there this year. Most of the activities are actually free.

And, to make things even more interesting, Montreal’s Nuit Blanche all-night party on March 2 – 3 is just in time for spring break!

The 16th edition of NUIT BLANCHE À MONTRÉAL will have festival-goers swarming the streets in Old Montreal, the Quartier des spectacles, the Plateau and in the Mile-End – all linked by a shuttle service.

Live performances, exhibitions, and music will turn Montreal into a fairytale land. Even the famous Underground City will be redesigned with art everywhere!

If that’s not enough, the metro will remain open the entire night of Nuit Blanche.

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