diner en blanc

Montreal is a city that appreciates a good time, right? That’s why there’s a large collection of events that provides a wide range of fun experiences for all types of people. All Montrealers, whether artsy or into the luxury life can find something to enjoy, like one of the most popular events in Montreal – Diner En Blanc. This huge, sophisticated outdoor dinner brings all sorts of people together and unites them with a mandatory white dress code.

The Diner En Blanc brings out the best of Montreal! It’s got style with its classy atmosphere. It brings thousands of people to share space. You can make it a special night out with friends or go solo and meet new people and make new friends.

Seeing thousands of people dressed in white is a breathtaking sight.

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The 2018 Diner En Blanc is the elegant event’s 10th anniversary, so it is sure to attract even more party seekers than usual.

The most unique thing about the Diner En Blanc is that its location remains totally secret until the last moment. That means you will need to follow updates on the day of the event.

Register ahead of time and you will receive a message sharing the details of the event’s venue.

The Diner En Blanc will happen on August 16th at a secret location to be revealed in Montreal!

Sign up for the dinner on the event website.

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