What’s Your Flavour-hood? A Guide by Montréal’s Own, Coolway Frozen Dessert


Home to more than 200 unique cultural groups, Montréal is full of distinct neighborhoods — some founded centuries before Canada was even confederated in 1867. CoolWay is an entirely Canadian-made, low-calorie frozen dessert dreamed up by three young entrepreneurs and inspired by Montréal’s diversity.

To give props and pay homage to the city that nurtured their creativity, CoolWay has paired 7 unique Montreal neighbourhoods with CoolWay flavours; what’s your flavour-hood?

La Petite-Patrie: Salted Caramel

This trendy neighborhood has two very different vibes: luxury shopping is the main activity on Rue Saint-Hubert, boasting more than 400 boutiques, but the neighborhood also has a Latin flair with delicious Spanish eateries. Like CoolWay’s Salted Caramel, La Petite-Patrie
melds two distinct flavours into something great.

Old Montréal: Vanilla Bean

As the city’s oldest district (founded in 1605), Old Montréal is a classic, just like Vanilla Bean. Vanilla was one of the first widely produced flavors in the modern era and is still the top selling flavour in the world.

Mile End: Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip

Just like Mile End packs artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, galleries, bookstores and entertainment venues into a one square mile area, CoolWay’s Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip packs an abundance of flavour and personality into a single pint.

The Village: Chocolate, Chocolate Chip

The Village is a prime example of neighborhoods continuing to evolve. What was once the city’s roughest area has now morphed into a lively food, drink and entertainment hub home to the city’s large LGBTQ community and the largest in North America. Similarly, Chocolate,
Chocolate Chip is an evolution of a classic flavour into a treat with an unexpected surprise!

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal: Blueberry Waffle Crisp

This artsy, upscale neighborhood has an abundance of bicycle traffic, alleys reclaimed with gardens and murals, and Victorian townhouses restored with colorful facades. Like CoolWay’s Blueberry Waffle Crisp, this neighbourhood is truly unique, you won’t find any other place like it, or this flavour anywhere else!

Milton Park: Cookies and Cream

Nestled between the Plateau and McGill University, Milton Park, is the area of choice for McGill University students. Though moving away from home is an adventure, homesickness is inevitable. CoolWay Cookies and Cream is the perfect cure as it’s a reminder of childhood trips to the ice cream parlor with loved ones!

Outremont: Mint Chip

Outremont is often associated with the phrase “high quality of life” due to the abundance of shops, cafes, restaurants, and parks. With downtown largely hidden from view behind Mount Royal, it’s a breath of fresh air if you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core. The fresh flavour of CoolWay’s Mint Chip frozen
dessert leaves you with that same feeling of an instant escape.

CoolWay is Canada’s tastiest low-calorie frozen dessert, with nearly half the sugar of regular ice cream and over 24g of protein, so no matter the flavour of your neighbourhood, you can indulge without any of the guilt!

CoolWay can be purchased at Walmart, Metro, CO-OP, Longo’s, IGA, Whole Foods and Fresh Co.