Learn Skills and Have Fun at the Montreal Circus School

Montreal Circus School

Have you ever thought about running away and joining the circus? Well, you can if you register for lessons at the Montreal circus school.

It’s open to people of all ages and levels of experience. Learn the basics of acrobatics, trampoline-jumping, juggling, trapeze-balancing and more!

The options also include unicycle, stilts, balance objects, hula hoops and trapeze.

For nearly three decades, l’École de cirque de Verdun has taught acrobatics and other circus arts to kids and adults.

After a series of delayed renovations forced classes to be held at different locations over the last four years, the finishing touches to its permanent site are finally complete — just in time for the fall session.

Since lessons for the fall session have already begun, now is your chance to register for the winter session at the Montreal circus school in Verdun.

The school offers general and specialized courses for little ones as young as 12 months!

Kids can learn how to juggle, perform acrobatic routines, work on their balance, be part of a human pyramid, master the hula hoop and do tricks on the trampoline.

No previous experience is needed for the classes, unless you are registering for some of the specialized courses.

Montreal Circus School for Kids and Adults

Kids learn the importance of proper technique in order to stay safe and have fun. Classes are held in a recreational and non-competitive setting, so this type of environment is more conducive to positive body image and self-confidence — two key aspects when learning how to perform circus arts.

There will also be Sunday family workshops where parents get involved in acrobatic sequences with their kids.

Added this year is the Maman & Bébé Bougent class for new moms with babies under the age of 2.

Click the link to their website for more information on the Circus Arts school in Montreal.