Get Ready for the Montreal Burlesque Festival This Fall


You may be aware of the many festivals and late-night shows in town, but did you ever hear about the Montreal Burlesque Festival? (Photo: Montreal Burlesque Festival/Facebook)

Montreal is known for being home to a collection of famous burlesque bars and theatres. Many locals don’t know about the city’s bustling sexy scene.

The city wants to showcase what it has to offer and so, is holding the 10th annual Montreal Burlesque Festival for 3 full nights of fun.

The event will take place at CLUB SODA on October 18th and you are all invited by Scarlett James to have a great time.

The Burlesque style is risqué and sensual. You’ll enjoy an experience including music, singing, and dancing all combined in a unique performance.

Montreal Burlesque Festival/Facebook

Get dressed up and come out for a night of glamour with your friends. It’s sure to be a night you won’t forget.

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You’ll be treated to performances by Burlesque and Cabaret artists including Scarlett James, Clea de Velours, Perle Noire, Angie Pontanie, Zoe Scarlett.

Burlesque is all about embracing all types of beauty and there will even be a contest open to males, females, and anyone who’s non-binary.

Along with the sensual ambience of the festival, you’ll enjoy a variety of after parties with plenty of cocktails and champagne to go around.

Put on your best outfits! Forget jeans, runners, and caps (they’re NOT allowed) plus, you’ll even be a part of the show!

Montreal Burlesque Festival

When: October 18 – 20 From 7 PM to 11 PM
Where: Club Soda, 1225 St Laurent Blvd, H2X 2S6

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