Montreal Biodome Reopening After 2-Year Improvements


It’s been a long two years for many Montrealers who love the Biodome, which was shut down for renovations. Now revamped, the Montreal Biodome is set to reopen at the end of August.

After $37 million in renovations, there’s “something new in each of the five ecosystems,” according to Espace pour la vie.

This is the group also responsible for the Botanical Gardens, the Insectarium, and the Planetarium.

What to Expect in the Newly Revamped Montreal Biodome

Check out the video of the improved center…

There’s a new tunnel, along with an ice wall where all the penguins waddle in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Plus, the Gulf of St. Lawrence now has new walkways.

The Laurentian Maple Forest provides a new perspective of the lynx habitat.

According to Espace pour la vie:

“To make the experience even more immersive and multisensory, the designers have rethought every aspect, including access to the ecosystems: you’ll hear and smell before you enter and see.”

Not only were the ecosystems switched up but now the Biodome has found a new way to educate visitors — with a new mobile app on their phones that gives the user “the impression of being immersed in nature.”

So, no more informational panels all over the center. And, with the app, visitors also have the chance to see how employees care for the animals who reside at the center.

Mark your calendars for the August 31st reopening of the Montreal Biodome. Purchase your tickets online and don’t forget your mask.