Montreal Bike Paths & The Ongoing War Against Cars – This Time It’s NDG

bicycle lane

While most people will agree that bike paths are a good thing, they also know that many do create problems, like the one along Terrebonne Avenue in NDG.

The major issue is the elimination of parking spots. This path that was created just 2 months ago removed parking spots.

So, that left residents who rely on those parking spots scrambling to find new places to park their cars.

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Another huge issue, according to one resident, is that the city never notified the residents — they just showed up, put up signs, and poof, just like that, over 100 parking spots disappeared.

One city councillor voted in favour of the bike path with one condition — that it could be changed if the people didn’t want it and without a new council vote.

But, borough mayor Sue Montgomery has changed her tune. She is now defending the pilot project bike path claiming that city councillors voted in favor of it. She also said, “did they not know what they’re voting for?”

Montgomery wants the path to remain until November and admits that they could have communicated better with residents and that the lesson was learned. Read more…