Mont Tremblant is getting a face lift, in addition to a new chairlift! 

Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is about to undergo a serious makeover thanks to Tremblant’s owner, Alterra Mountain Company. They’re investing a cool $17 million for renovations. That means you’ll get to enjoy new chairlift, an expansion of summit chalet Le Grand Manitou, new glades, and improving La Fourchette du Diable!

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The replacement of the Lowell Thomas chairlift on the upper North Side of the hill is one of the major renovations, and the new lift should be in operation by next season.

Mont Tremblant

There’s Going to Be a Lot More Snow on Mont Tremblant

You’ll notice an increase in the amount of snow at Mont Tremblant once the renovations are completed, as they will add 31 high-efficiency snow guns.

The renovations will also focus on the main summit building, washrooms, rental equipment and golf carts. Construction begins this summer!