Molson marijuana drinks

The Canadian brewing company, Molson, made a huge announcement. Molson marijuana drinks will be developed and marketed in the near future…

Federal law requires the drinks to be non-alcoholic and the drinks won’t become federally legal until next year. After that, provinces will decide if they want to legalize marijuana-infused food and drinks.

Large corporations are jumping in on the marijuana game in every way they can thinks of. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada comes a world of possibilities. Businesses and entrepreneurs are eager to take their place in the new market.

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Canada will likely soon see countless marijuana bakeries, bars, and resorts where you can enjoy your pot.

Some Insight on the Molson Marijuana Drinks

Molson Coors hasn’t announced how they plan to distribute the drinks. Maybe they’ll end up in government-run marijuana retail stores like the Societe quebecoise du cannabis (SQDC). Besides the one store in Nova Scotia, there’s still no telling what recreational marijuana retailers will look like.

Molson Coors’ announcement is a clear sign that the marijuana industry will be diverse. When official statistics are released after the October 17th legalization start date, we’ll better understand just how much recreational marijuana will do for the economy.

If you’re into trying new things, you’ll be able to enjoy the Molson marijuana drinks in Canada in a little more than a year!