Miracle! Survival Training Saves Sisters Lost for 2 Days


For 44 hours exactly, two young sisters aged 5 and 8 went missing – a nightmare for any parents. The Carrico girls were found just two miles from their home in the northern California Humboldt County, alive and well.

Not a scratch on them!

The girls, Caroline and Leia seemingly wandered off while playing. Luckily, their wilderness training taught them a thing or two about how to survive.

It’s a real miracle as this is truly rugged territory. Experts believe their outdoor survival training was key. They drank water from huckleberry leaves when they got lost following a deer trail.

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Aside from being cold and dehydrated, the sisters were well, from the initial assessment. They also lost their voices from yelling while hiding in a huckleberry bush, until they were found.