#MeToo Shakes Up the Canadian Medical School Community


With the #MeToo movement in full swing, members of the medical community have taken the opportunity to step forward and share their accounts of sexual harassment and assault. It shows that women in every field and industry have been at the mercy of their male superiors and thankfully, with this movement, things are changing.


Stories from students and residents at medical schools across Canada have given accounts of experiences ranging in severity from inappropriate comments to unwanted groping and sexual assault, often by their direct supervisors.


Those who have come forward have expressed fear that sharing their stories would leave them with a negative professional reputation. The recent public movement against sexual harassment and assault has given them the space to share anonymously.

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One example is of a woman who said she was subjected to a violent sexual assault by a man who was supposed to be her professional mentor. She was left with the agonizing decision – to file a formal complaint which could possibly negatively impact her career.

Many women in the medical field, if they went public, would get them labelled as troublemakers, or even blacklisted from their professions. Click the link below for the full story, which shows us all, men and women, that things have to change.

Our mothers, sisters, and daughters must never have to be belittled or punished by their superiors because the women refuse advances made on them. No woman should ever be sexually assaulted!