Toxic Fruit Juice Could Be in Your Fridge!


Experts researched popular fruit juices, and what they found would shock you.

About half of the 45 brands tested by Consumer Reports showed elevated levels of heavy metals.

Before you pour your next glass of OJ to go with your scrambled eggs and bacon, consider the impact on your health, or that of your children!

Even small amounts could cause potential harm and hold risks.

The report is astounding, and a real blow to juice producers. Even a half glass of juice daily could put your health at risk.

According to some doctors, you don’t need to stop giving your kids juice, but Consumer Reports may say otherwise. Knowing this at least puts you in the driver’s seat to make a more educated decision.

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The report tested 24 brands and a total of 45 juices. These include household names, from Walmart’s Great Value to Minute Maid, Gerber and more.

Even organic juices were tested!

They looked for metals that pose the greatest risks, like lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. They tested grape, pear, fruit blends, and apple juice.

Of concern were grape and apple juice – showing elevated levels of LEAD and INORGANIC ARSENIC.

Since they were last tested in 2011, there have been improvements, meaning there was a decline in heavy metals. However, EVERY JUICE CONTAINED at minimum 1 out of the 4 metals they were testing for.

What’s scary is that 21 juices contained CADMIUM, LEAD AND/OR INORGANIC ARSENIC at CONCERNING LEVELS!!!

No juice brand tested contained mercury.

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