Man Wants to Legally Change Age to How He Feels

Priscilla Du Preez

Age is nothing but a number, or is it? That seems to be the case where one man wants to legally change age. At 69 years old, Dutchman Ratelband fancies himself a ‘young god‘ who will be able to attract more women on the popular dating app Tinder if the courts will only allow him to act the age he feels.

According to Ratelband:

age discrimination is at its worst today than it has ever been, and if we are able to change our names and genders, we should also be able to change our age.

As for him, he would much rather identify as the man 20 years younger than his actual age (49 years old) and is seeking the legal right to do just that by changing his birthdate.

Born 11 March 1949, if Ratelband wins his legal battle, his new birthday would be 11 March 1969.

He says that if he identifies as a younger man, he’ll be able to consume products and services and enjoy lifestyle options his current age excludes him from. This includes purchasing a house and becoming a father again.

One lawyer, in commenting on the case, has noted that Mr. Ratelband’s wish is just ‘not possible’ and will be rejected by the municipality.