The Maisonneuve Market, or Marché Maisonneuve, is one of the most popular public markets in Montreal.

It operates out of a modernized building, offering a wide range of products. During a visit to the Maisonneuve Market, you will come across locally made products, meats, cheese, fish, vegetables, fruits, baked goods, and even flowers.

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The Beaux-Arts style building located in an active area where the old market stood before World War I. There’s a fountain in the middle of the market – a monument of Marius Dufresne. It includes a 17th-century market gardener – a statue made by Alfred Laliberte in 1915.

If you’re looking for gastronomic inspiration of locally-grown food options, the Maisonneuve Market is sure to have what you need. In just one visit, you can pick up your spices, vegetables, bread, cheese, and meat.

When the summer rolls around, the market is filled with the fragrance of herbs, flowers, and other common market aromatic delights.

Get out and enjoy warm weather walks while visiting the various merchants and producers.

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