Machine Gun Molly — Montreal’s Own “Bonnie & Clyde”

machine gun molly

If you thought that all the crazy stuff happens south of the border, you might not have the entire story straight just yet. Consider that Machine Gun Molly was our own “Bonnie” of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

It’s true, Machine Gun Molly, her nickname in English (Monica la Mitraille in French) was a mother of 2 who was a famous bank robber from Montreal!

At age 13, she was arrested for prostitution. But, she did it to help her mother feed and dress her brothers and sisters.

Her real name was Monica Proietti. She was 17 when she married her 33-year-old Scottish gangster. She was killed in a high-speed chase and then shot by police at the age of 27 in Montreal North, after her last bank robbery that was meant to fund her new life in Florida.

Check out the Machine Gun Molly Movie Scenes:

Monica Proietti and her gang robbed at least 20 banks. Their work made them around $100,000 or about $820,610 in today’s money.

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Machine Gun Molly actually came from a poor family, many of whom were criminals. There are rumors that even her grandmother served time for receiving stolen goods! She ran a crime school for kids (like Fagin in the Oliver Twist story), located in the old red-light district of Montreal.

She rolled with some of the big guys in the city, like Gérald and Robert Lelièvre — two brothers that were suspected of killing Frank “Dunie” Ryan, the leader of the “West End Gang.

Alan Hustak wrote in the Montreal Gazette on Sept 1, 1991: “Machine Gun Molly: twenty-five years before Thelma and Louise, Montreal had its own real-life female gangster.”

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