Friday is going to be a very special day and night, as the whole world will be able to witness the longest lunar eclipse red blood moon in more than a century! When the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, it will look red for over 100 minutes, according to NASA!

Don’t Miss THIS Lunar Eclipse – You Probably Won’t EVER See One Like This Again

Lunar eclipses are typically seen one to four times each year, but this week’s is rare as it will be the smallest and farthest full moon of the year. This super long lunar eclipse is something many of us will never see again.

What is a Red Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Total eclipses are otherwise known as blood moons. They happen when the Earth moves between the sun and moon. The moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow, which blocks the usual reflective sunlight and creates a red-orange glow. The sun, Earth, and full moon are arranged in a straight line in that order.

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The Weather Network reports that the total lunar eclipse will last for 103 minutes, during which time the moon will look completely red.

Another total lunar eclipse of this length is not expected until 2123. North Americans will have the world’s worst view of the eclipse, but will still be able to see the red moon. The gradual and long transitions will not be clear in North America as they will in Europe and Africa.

If you want to catch the best view of the total lunar eclipse in Canada, head to Newfoundland. There, the moon begins to rise at night. You won’t need special glasses to watch the eclipse since there won’t be exposure to direct radiation from the sun.

Not only will the eclipse be special, but Mars will be the closest to Earth and brightest it’s been since 2003. Get your camera ready and capture the moment in action.

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